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3x Team of the Month: Team Europe

Posted on 24/05/2017 By Kaitlin McAndrews


3x Team of the Month: Team Europe

February, March and April 2017 were all superb months for Team Europe, so deservedly they won the "Team of the Month" award not just once, but three times in a row! Each individual in the team put in a great performance, so they truly deserve the recognition for all of their hard work! We took the opportunity to sit down with Alex Newell, Associate Director of Team Europe, to talk about all things European and to find out more about their award-winning months.

So Alex, congratulations on your team winning your third “Team of the Month” award! How does it feel? 

It is certainly a great feeling that we are showing such a high level of consistency. The team has always had great potential and for me, it was just a matter of time for everyone to be a success. It is very pleasing that we are not reliant on one top biller, as each consultant is contributing.

What is it like managing Team Europe?

It can be a major challenge to manage a team with such diverse backgrounds from five different countries. However, I enjoy it as there is a never a dull moment. The team has the right attitude and I can always trust them to be focused & determined when I am not at my desk.  

Your team has won the “Team of the Month” award now three times in a row! What do you believe went so well the past three months?

We set out clear objectives, targets and incentives at the beginning of the year to emphasise everyone’s goals. It is imperative to set standards for all team members and maximise every call. At the end of the day, it boils down to client and candidate control as well as using a consultative approach to positively influence each situation. After a slow January, this is now paying dividends. We have also added two senior consultants to our existing team who have had an extremely positive impact.

I know you guys and girls are pretty competitive, so what are your plans to ensure you win the award for May as well, making it the fourth month in a row you will have won the ‘Team of the Month’ award?

We definitely are competitive and we will make sure that we won’t lose our top spot. To ensure this, it is essential to not cut corners and lose sight of our long-term goals. Everyone in our team has monthly, quarterly and annual targets they want to hit, so we will not rest on our laurels    

What do you think makes Parallel stand out from competitors?

The people. We have a lot of talent in all of our teams and a great atmosphere in the office. As a company, we concentrate on the needs of our clients and candidates to establish long-term relationships. We accomplish this by assisting everyone throughout the whole recruitment process to add as much value as we can.  

Congratulations Team Europe – your efforts to find the perfect candidates certainly haven’t gone unnoticed, and your enthusiasm and endeavours continue to prove that you are all amazing assets to our company! Well done Alex NewellSamira WiechmannAnna SendorMatthias HenrichsenNikola JaunzemeElliot SarlAlisa Herrmann and Ludwig Le Coq! To see what jobs Team Europe is working on in Big DataBusiness IntelligenceData WarehousingIT SecurityDigital and Mobile, click here

You can also find Team Europe on Xing!

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